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Pick up a copy and see it firsthand.

Notice anything new about the November issue? I hope you notice a lot. Because we’ve redesigned Seattle Met cover to cover. It’s how we spent this past summer: updating the look of the magazine that’s held strong as the best selling local publication since its debut in 2006. Among the numerous flourishes in the newly designed Seattle Met is an array of stories up front we’re calling Currents, presenting everything you need to know each month in Seattle politics, food, fashion, travel, and more. 

Notice anything else? Anything about, oh, the size? 

Until today, Seattle Met, like most magazines on newsstands, measured about eight and a half by 11 inches. Now it's 10 by 12 inches. 

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James Ross Gardner, Editor in Chief

Why did we go bigger? For starters, this city is bigger than it was when we launched Seattle Met almost 12 years ago. Seattle is again, as of press time, the fastest-growing big city in the U.S., expanding at a clip of 21,000 transplants a year. That’s like adding almost half the population of Olympia to our streets every year. 

More people, more content. But we also want to show you what a magazine can do. We know how much competes for your time now, most of it on black, rectangular screens small enough to stuff in your pocket. Yet we happen to stubbornly believe in the power and promise of print: the feel of paper between your fingers, the sense of something new to be discovered at the turn of every page, each curated by a team of writers and editors and designers whose singular goal is to deliver to you the best reading experience possible. 

Led by incomparably talented Seattle Met art director Jane Sherman and our friend Chuck Kerr, we have taken those elements and made them bigger. That means larger, richer images, and greater, even more ambitious stories. 

At a time when so many other publications, local and national, are cutting resources, page size, and frequency of publication, Seattle Met just grew. 

After all, a city like this needs a magazine as big and as bold as it is. 

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