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I’m the type of person for whom “Camping 101” was written. I’m an outdoors newbie. So it wasn’t a stretch for me to direct two seemingly clueless campers experiencing the great indoors. And to shoot it all? I could think of no one better than Michael Clinard, known for his out-of-the-box concept photography. (Besides, not many photographers have a guy who owns a bear suit on speed dial.) Once I hit him with the overall concept, Clinard began to bring it to life. He hired our female model (Katy Nuttman from Jet City Improv), rented fake rocks, and borrowed Christmas pinecone decorations from his mother-in-law. Nuttman, a former Girl Scout, took the lead in making the backpack comically oversize. The highlight though—as I suppose we always suspected it would be—was the bear suit. A husky, dragging his owner on a walk past our photo shoot, believed our bear to be real and went ballistic. Probably because he’d never seen a bear wearing socks and sandals in the wild, I’m sure. 

—Sara D’Eugenio, Seattle Met associate art director

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