When we booked
Charissa Thompson, host of Fox Sports Live and cohost of Extra, for this month’s Quote Unquote, I knew immediately that we needed to work with John Keatley; his portraits make even the biggest stars feel relatable. It can be tricky to line up a shoot with a celebrity—even those with local ties—but this setup was a breeze. Thompson was going to be in town for a charity event and to visit family (some of whom were on set), and she came prepared with a bag full of clothes. Inside a studio located—appropriately—a block from Safeco Field, deputy editor Matthew Halverson interviewed Thompson, makeup artist Haley Olsen got her camera ready, and John and his producer Taylor Reed finalized our concept of a serious portrait with a sports twist. There are some highly conceptualized photo shoots that demand a lot of direction and involvement on my part, and then there are those like this one where you just trust the process and enjoy the results. —Jane Sherman, Seattle Met art director

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