Editor’s Note: March 2012

Editor’s Note: A Scare, Morning Fare, and Great Hair

By Katherine Koberg March 2, 2012 Published in the March 2012 issue of Seattle Met

Photo: Paul Kooiman/Styled by Jean Galton

LAST OCTOBER 25, torrential rain and flash flooding inundated the tiny town of Vernazza in the Cinque Terre region of the Italian Riviera. The string of five coastal villages has long been a favorite of Rick Steves, our renowned local travel authority based in Edmonds, so the place is well trodden by Seattle travelers. On that day, water, mud, and debris funneled through the main street of shops and restaurants, sending terrified natives and tourists scrambling for higher ground. One of those tourists was Kathryn Robinson, Seattle Met’s restaurant critic. As the waters rose alarmingly, she and her family were forced to make a harrowing escape. Happily, she has returned to Seattle safe and unharmed, though shaken. As she writes in her column on the back page, the experience got her wondering why so many of us rarely plan for the worst.

Now Kathryn is back home and taking comfort in food, specifically breakfast. Our team of food writers last delved into the morning meal over four years ago. Anyone who thinks breakfast is still all about bacon, eggs, hash browns, and a side of toast will be pleasantly shocked by the renaissance the morning meal has undergone lately. Restaurants are starting the day with mouthwatering offerings, many of them straight from the dinner menu: Wood-fired pizza. Chicken and waffles smothered in gravy and syrup. Shrimp and grits.

The city’s passion for food is well documented, but when it comes to the really important things in life—like the hair on our heads—Seattle’s style is less easy to nail. That’s why Laura Cassidy, our style editor, turned to her network of salon experts and fashion tastemakers to learn which salons, stylists, and hairdos are head and shoulders above the rest. She asked, “Who does your hair?” and sent a reporter to ask salon owners and stylists what they really think about Seattle haircuts, colors, treatments, and customers. Believe it or not, a surprising number of people are still requesting Jennifer Aniston’s Friends cut. Me, I think I’m finally mastering the fishtail braid.

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