Photo by Richard Duval

As Washington’s wine industry captures more national attention, there are almost (almost) too many quality bottles to count, some nigh impossible to obtain unless you’ve been on the winery’s list for decades. And so, for our annual list of great wines, we’ve focused on 30 unique bottles—debuts, risktakers, and creations that simply deliver astounding quality or value. Best of all, most of these wines are fairly easy to find. The 2015 vintage, the source of many wines discussed here, was the warmest the state has ever seen. Even in a year that challenged growers and winemakers alike, Washington saw a host of outrageously good wines. Meanwhile, 2017 was a thrilling year for white wines—one of the best I’ve seen in my 17 years of tasting. Let each of the bottles below, listed in order of style, serve as a reminder: There’s never been a better time to drink Washington wine.

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The 30 Most Exciting Wines in Washington

These bottles include debuts, risk takers, or creations that simply deliver astounding quality or value. Best of all, most are obtainable.

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