Yet another compelling reason to get down to Pike Place Market.

Bing Bread at Joule

How lovely: Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi have launched a collaboration called “Dining in Movement,” putting a signature dish from a restaurant elsewhere in the country on Joule’s menu. It’s a way for diners to capture some small essence of travel in a moment when most people aren’t going anywhere near an airplane. First up is the bing bread from Parachute in Chicago. The crispy, stuffed bread—fried, baked, and brushed in bacon fat—is a staple at Parachute, which won owners Beverly and Johnny Clark a James Beard Award last year. Look for it on Joule’s menu (takeout or dine-in) through Sunday, September 6; all proceeds from the bing bread support women in the hospitality industry.

Cult Faves, Resurrected at Tako Truk

In 2009, when the economy was effed in a way that seems quaint by our current standards, Bryan Jarr and Cormac Mahoney launched a popup called Tako Truk—part of a watershed moment when Seattle’s food scene burst with invention and promise. While Tako Truk ceased long ago, Jarr has brought it back to life, giving it a new home in Pike Place Market. He’s partnered with Place Pigalle owner Lluvia Walker so classic tacos like the coco piggy (aka coconut braised pork belly) and octopus (yes, a tako taco, spell it as you will) ride again. Tako Truk has a few new tacos on the menu, including a Dungeness crab taco with spicy kewpie mayo that sounds ridic. Find Tako Truk out on the cobblestones as part of Pike Place Market’s new al fresco situation Thursday through Sunday from 12–4 for the foreseeable future.

A New Wave of Smoked Brisket Pho

Mangosteen, the food cart that's set up residence in the Pho Bac boat, was already worth a visit for its garlic noodles, street corn, and punchy wings that manage to be sublimely crispy, but still very much a juicy piece of chicken. On Saturdays and Sundays, though, Mangosteen partners with its mothership, Pho Bac Sup Shop, for a series called New Wave Summers. What this means, exactly: Outdoor dining springs up across the parking lot (open tents, colorful stools and low, distanced tables); both operations run their regular menus; and a special lineup of drinks, beer buckets, and New Wave–only grilled dishes make it extra fun. So does the soundtrack, which pulses the sort of slightly retro pop that demands singing along behind your mask. New Wave will run, in industry parlance, "until hella cold." It's also a great chance to sample the smoked brisket pho that kicked off the Mangosteen–Pho Bac collab.

A Glass of Wine for Restaurant Relief

Sleight of Hand Cellars, a talented member of the state’s newer guard of winemakers, made a syrah for the express purpose of supporting local restaurants. Since donating wine is a no-go per the liquor board, Sleight of Hand winemaker Trey Busch sold its Restaurant Relief syrah at cost to restaurants around Seattle and Walla Walla. The idea: They in turn sell it as a glass pour, giving the restaurants an extra financial boost. It’s an easy way for diners to be extra supportive (all while drinking legit wine). Here’s the current list of participating restaurants; the winery made about 300 cases and expects the Restaurant Relief to be on menus until October-ish.

The Casbah is ready to rock (sorry).

Aperol Spritz Soft Serve and Smoked Bologna Sandwiches on Screwdriver Bar's Patio

I was on vacation last week when Chris Jones got in touch about the patio at Screwdriver Bar in Belltown. (Basement bars having patios is a reality brought to you courtesy of Covid but also relaxed city permitting guidelines.) He's christened the swath of First Ave outside his bar The Casbah, tricked it out with plants, carpets, thatched hut–esque umbrellas, and managed to bring a bit of that subterranean edge upstairs to the daylight. Screwdriver has also added a soft serve machine (two boozy options, plus Dole Whip) and built an entirely new menu that centers on BLTs (vegetarian and the bacon kind), rotating spaghetti specials, New Zealand–style savory hand pies, and a sandwich made with the powerhouse smoked bologna from Lady Jaye in West Seattle.

Bonus Bite: Outdoor Pizza at Chihuly Garden and Glass

Since it’s not thick with tourists this summer, the Chihuly Garden and Glass folks have installed a Woodstone pizza oven in their outdoor art plaza. Now anyone who buys a ticket to all things Chihuly can order Neapolitan-style pizza, topped with things like scamorza cheese, heirloom tomatoes, and garden-driven chimichurri and watch glassblowing demos happening in the nation’s only hot shop built inside a retrofitted 1960s Airstream. A two-person pizza and carafe of wine or beer situation runs $48. Sounds like the outdoor pizza oven will run into the fall.

Side Dish

  • Yessssss. Cloudburst has opened its Ballard location, at 5456 Shilshole Ave NW. Right now it's to-go beer sales only, but look for beer garden action soon.
  • Nooooo. Ha Na, which has served sushi on Capitol Hill for three decades, is another Covid-19 closure.
  • Awwww. Right across from Ha Na, Capitol Hill Seattle blog says a longtime cook has taken over Americana and plans to reopen it again. Anyone else getting emotional whiplash here?
  • These new street patios just keep getting better.
  • So. Many. Adult. Otter Pops.
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