The new crop of wines on store shelves is so impressive, it’s almost overwhelming.

Most bottles on this list—our seventh annual accounting of the state’s best wines—come from the 2013 vintage. Higher temperatures and ample sun deliver wines that are often richer and have a darker fruit profile than you might associate with our state; think black cherries and blackberries rather than red cherries and blueberries.

These wines are accessible on first pour but still feel like serious, ageworthy creations.

And there’s more headed our way; 2013 was the first of three increasingly warmer vintages for Washington (do I hear a fourth in 2016?). From the early returns, the 2014 and 2015 wines look to be every bit as impressive.

Let’s lift our glasses to living in a wine region capable of everything from age-worthy cabernets to stunning syrahs.

In This Feature:

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Top Syrah

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Wines with a Sense of Place

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Top Red Blends

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Top Cabernet Sauvignon

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Top Merlot

Sometimes this grape gets a bad rap, but Washington makes merlot as well as any area of the world.

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Best Value Wines

These bottles are $30 and under but deliver luxe-level flavor.

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The Wild West

It’s an era of major exploration in both variety and place. Here are some of the latest standouts from the winemaking frontier.

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Top Bordeaux-Style Blends

No disrespect to France, but this traditional blend—mostly based on cabernet sauvignon and merlot—has become a local signature.

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Washington's Best White Wines

Reds aren't our only stars.

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6 Winemakers to Watch

These Washingtonians are responsible for some of the best wines our state has to offer. Keep an eye on them, their wineries, and their future vintages.

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