Dong Thap

This friendly, family-run shop in Little Saigon slays hangovers with delicate broth and miraculous rice noodles they make (laboriously) in-house. Chinatown-International District

Crab Noodles  


Housemade seaweed noodles, dungeness, red curry, and creme fraiche. No dish better sums up Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi’s particular play of East and West—or of finesse and hella fun. Fremont

Paccheri with PNW giant octopus, kelp seaweed, Gaeta olives, capers & Sichuan pepper 

“From the Ocean”

Pasta Casalinga

A superstar of seasonal pasta hides within Pike Place Market and serves monthly garden, land, and ocean dishes. Combos like orecchiette with clams let pasta shine. Pike Place Market

House Garlic Noodles

Little Chengdu

Chewy noodles look simple, almost plain. But take a bite and your tongue goes berserk; tiny flecks of chilies and spice contain mala multitudes. Mount Baker

Cacio e Pepe

Rione XIII

Rare in Seattle, Rome’s classic cheese and pepper pasta is a masterpiece of culinary minimalism and a specialty at this Ethan Stowell spot. Capitol Hill


Bucatini with garlic, anchovy, Meyer lemon, pangratatta and burrata.


Il Nido

The joy of Mike Easton’s higher-end Italian restaurant: You never quite know what pasta’s being served. But count on it being intricate, historical, and unbelievably good. West Seattle

Mentaiko Udon


Somehow both delicate and sturdy, udon hand-cut daily at a tiny studio in Madison Valley offers the perfect foil for soup, stir-fries, or just a salted flurry of spicy cod roe. Madison Valley

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