Fried Chicken at a Donut Shop: The Perfect Casual Valentine’s Date

Cookie’s Country Chicken is popping up at Good Day Donuts, and it’s the ideal outing for every totally-not-couple looking to keep the holiday low-key.

By Zoe Sayler February 10, 2020

This chicken sandwich is your real Valentine, actually, so it's not even that serious.

Couples and "galentines," step aside. This one's for everyone out there desperately trying not to ruin a casual fling.

Maybe you’ve sort of been seeing someone, and you're thinking you'd kind of like to go on a Valentine’s Day date with them. Not a Valentine’s Day date, just a date on Valentine’s Day. Maybe you can go out ironically, in a tongue-in-cheek protest of the commodification of love. Not that this is love.

Wherever you and your friend-lover-Tinder-acquaintance land, this Valentine's Day popup collaboration between White Center's Good Day Donuts and Cookie's Country Chicken is a relationship-purgatory godsend.

Some points in its favor:

Legitimately Cool. Cookie's chef Brian Chandler got the name for his popup-only chicken company cooking on ships in Louisiana oil fields: "Some of these guys were old crusty dudes, and they weren’t really feeling my vibe half the time," Chandler told me. But if they liked a cook's food, they called him Cookie. "It was like a sign of acceptance." Good Day Donuts is run by big-name Seattle chef Erik Jackson, but remains what Chandler calls "classic White Center...a little stonery, a little gritty."

Ephemeral. You can't just casually say "oh, I've been wanting to try that Canlis place, we should go there on Valentine's Day." But like other crossover events Good Day has hosted—Musang's "Filipinx Delights," a Mean Sandwich popup—it is entirely unclear whether these two entities will ever be together under the same roof again. (I'm talking about the chicken and the donuts, of course, but...if the shoe fits.)

Cheap. If you're struggling to DTR with some sort of heiress, congratulations, I guess. The rest of us are splitting the bill. The "Cookie's Cuddle Combo," a made-to-share five-piece meal with three sides (mac and cheese, collard greens, mashed potatoes) and two "lovers donuts," comes in at $29.95. If the cuddling implication is a little too lovey-dovey, get a three-piece meal with two sides to yourself for $16.95, or a fried chicken sandwich on a DILL PICKLE FRITTER for $9.99. 

Commitment-Free. No reservations or RSVPs required (though, Chandler said, the pickle fritter sandwiches may not last long). They'll start slinging chicken at 5pm. So, like, just let me know what you're thinking and we can play it by ear!!!

Chill. “I just wanna set up shop, fry up some bird, and have a good old time,” Chandler said. So, so chill. Just like you. 

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