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The former Pizzeria Gabbiano, now a mercantile of pasta by the kilo. Photo via the Il Corvo Pasta Studio website.

Mike Easton wanted to quietly open the doors at his new Il Corvo Pasta Studio, so he could start selling his precise farfalle or ribbonlike pappardelle without the crush and pressure of his many fans—the ones who line up at his nearby lunchtime restaurant Il Corvo every day.

But it’s hard to keep a wrap on pasta this good. Yesterday Easton went ahead and made things official: Il Corvo Pasta Studio is open for business. Easton’s there making and selling his pasta on weekdays only, starting at 11:30am (just in time for Il Corvo’s first wave of lunchers to finish eating and walk three blocks over to buy fresh pasta by the kilo) and closing up at 5:30, which means downtown denizens can stop in after work if you hustle.

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Twenty twirling Tonnarelli (via Il Corvo's Instagram)

Easton’s former Pizzeria Gabbiano now has a cooler full of the day’s fresh pasta options, tubs of sauce from Il Corvo, eggs, and a few pantry items, giving the former pizzeria more of a mercantile feel.

Easton’s official announcement and his new Il Corvo website make it clear: He doesn’t serve food here. Gabbiano’s big communal table remains in the back, and Easton still has the pair of induction burners he used to launch the original Il Corvo back when it was a popup at Procopio Gelato. He’s toying with the idea of doing an occasional special meal at this table, but if he does, it will be on his terms (and probably just a fantasy until he finds the rhythm of operating both a store and a perpetually slammed pasta lunchery).

One of Easton’s early ideas was attendees must surrender their smart phones before being granted access to that big table, thus forcing everyone to savor the food and conversation instead of posting come-hither pasta photos on Instagram. Which is, actually, a loss—the man’s pastas are handmade, sauce-flecked art pieces. But Easton’s food is so good I’d gladly surrender braggy proof of consumption if it means having more of it.

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