Romance takes many forms. Image via Shutterstock.

Valentine's Day is like brunch. People either love to hate on it, or clamor to make reservations. Seemingly every bar and restaurant in town does a special menu on the 14th (and we'll present a bunch of those options later this week). But if conventional wining and dining isn't your jam, here are a few possibilities.

Seattle Meowtropolitan's Cat Cafe Popup
Well, there will be some gentle stroking and heavy petting involved, but presumably most of it will involve the clowder of cats repping at Seattle's first-ever popup cat cafe

St. Valentine's Day Massacre at Canon
It's a holiday tradition: Show unrestrained affection on February 14 and the barkeeps at Jamie Boudreau's house of brown liquors and misanthropy will not hesitate to deluge you with some sort of water gun "until you drop down wet." If you're inclined to get handsy, make sure it's with a Campfire in Georgia cocktail, or the excellent Milk N' Cookies.

An Artisanal Ding Dong from Hot Cakes
If you need a way to express your emotions without spending more than $5, Hot Cakes' special Valentine's-only confection will make you look whimsical and clever rather than cheap and lame. Chocolatier Autumn Martin's version of the legendary Hostess cake is known as a Bling Bling. It's stuffed with dark chocolate buttercream, coated in more dark chocolate, and wrapped in fuschia foil. She's bringing them back for Valentine's Day weekend only, in small batches starting, ominously, on Friday the 13th.

Brave Horse Tavern's Pucker Up Sour Beer Dinner
Yes, this falls under the "schmancy Valentine's dinner" category, but each of the five hearty courses at T-Doug's beer bar is paired with a pucker-inducing sour brews hailing from Interbay to Belgium and destinations in between. Food and beer is $80, and being up on current beer trends is a proven aphrodisiac.




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