Pumpkin pie: the most important part of the meal. Photo via A La Mode's Facebook page.

Dry turkey. Lumpy mashed potatoes. Runny pumpkin pie. Preparing Thanksgiving dinner is a daunting task for even the most confident home cook. Please your guests—or perhaps just your own palate—by placing an order for all your Thanksgiving Day fixings at one of these restaurants:

Il Corvo
Why go the bird route just for the sake of tradition? Give your guests the gift of pork—six pounds of seasoned pork belly and tenderloin, to be exact—in the form of a handmade porchetta from Il Corvo. Chef/owner Mike Easton says one $90 porchetta (cheaper than most heritage turkeys) will easily feed 8-10 people; pick-up is available November 25-27 from 11-5, and orders can be placed online.

Bob’s Quality Meats
If you simply must have your turkey, have it stuffed with duck and chicken in the form of a turducken, which Bob’s Quality Meats makes themselves based on the flavors made famous by Louisiana producers Cajun Specialty Meats. Traditionalists may instead choose to order their turkey heritage, house-smoked, or breast-only (ideal for a smaller meal) at the Columbia City butcher shop. Turduckens are $130 each, and you can reserve one at 206-725-1221. 

Skillet Diner
It’s common knowledge that the stuffing is the best part of any Thanksgiving meal, and the reality is no one can make it better than your mom. Except, maybe, Skillet, which at least gets points for creativity, thanks to the addition of hazelnuts, chard, chorizo, and cranberries to the cornbread stuffing. And stuffing’s not the only side the diner is serving. Order parker house rolls, turkey gravy, charred brussels sprouts, scalloped sweet potatoes, and more for $18 each, or three for $50. Order online and pick up from the Ballard diner November 26 and 27, or have them delivered to your door for $15.

Smokin’ Pete’s BBQ
This Ballard barbecue joint—there before it was cool to be a Ballard barbecue joint—will serve up an entire takeout Thanksgiving meal, complete with sizable turkey and pie, for 10-12 people for less than $200. The best part: Alongside staples like stuffing and mashed potatoes you’ll find mac and cheese, perhaps the most brilliant addition to Thanksgiving dinner since elastic-waisted pants. The shop is open until 2 on Thanksgiving and takes orders at 206-783-0454 until November 25 (or when items run out), so keep this in mind if your own cooking plans go wrong in the eleventh hour.

You’re probably used to giving up your Parfait ice cream when the orange-and-brown truck goes on hiatus every winter, but owner Adria Shimada’s new permanent, year-round Ballard atelier (read: temple of confections) will change all that. The shop opens officially on Thursday, barring any of the usual complications, and she’s already planning on taking orders for Thanksgiving pumpkin ice cream pies: a butter graham crust filled with pumpkin spice ice cream and covered in caramel and torched meringue. Call 206-258-3066 to get your hands on one of these coveted newcomers. 

A la Mode Pies
There’s so much that can go wrong when you’re baking your own pie. Fool your guests by picking one up (or better yet, having it delivered) from the pros: A la Mode’s Phinney Ridge shop will have its ovens cranking out apple-ginger-pear, bourbon butterscotch, Blue Hawaiian, and the obligatory pumpkin pies—made there with a gingersnap crust and maple whipped cream—for the big day. Order yours online for $27.