A sweet gluten-free development.

After months of planning, taste testing, mixing, and baking, Trophy Cupcakes debuted its first-ever gluten-free cupcake on January 1. And the new sans gluten offerings include the shop's top-selling flavor,  the sexy (and classic) red velvet.

“We kept getting questions about gluten-free cupcakes almost every day," says Nicole Familetti, Trophy Cupcakes’ general manager. “So we chose the bestseller, and worked through many phases of testing to make it gluten free.”

The result is made with the Northwest's own Maninis gluten-free, rice-free, and soy-free all-purpose flour, a hint of cocoa powder, salt, baking soda, vanilla, canola oil, butter, white vinegar, and red food dye. All of this goodness is topped off with cream cheese frosting.

Back in the olden days, red velvet was typically made with beetroot puree. But unless anyone has the time to make sure the betanin (the pigment that makes beets red) doesn’t come in contact with heat, salt, metal ions, or water activity which turns it brown—yes, I basically just described the process of baking—then you should actually be quite thankful for the red dye.

Trophy plans to beke these new wheatless red velvet cupcakes as an everyday staple throughout the year. Familetti alluded to several other gluten-free flavors on the docket, ready to be tested. “Maybe chocolate, but we’re not completely sure.” Until then, stop by the Wallingford, U Village or Bellevue shops or the pop-up in Pacific Place to snag the debut gluten-free flavor. 

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