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Video: Behind the Scenes of Tonight's Top Chef Episode

A look at all the construction, coordination, and confidentiality that went into the Pike Place Market episode.

By Allecia Vermillion December 5, 2012

If anybody asks, we're just out for a stroll. Image via Bravo.

 The Top Chef production team is normally quite secretive (insanely so, some might say) but today Bravo released this video detailing all the production work that went into tonight’s episode at Pike Place Market. Apparently tonight episode is a rare instance of filming a quickfire and elimination challenge back to back. The crew also got down to business in Marché. Look for local market folks like Kurt Dammeier Beecher at the judges' table. 

Did you catch the snippet at the start where the producers instruct everyone to not say the words “Top Chef” since they are filming in public? Also, you can catch up on last week’s Canlis lovefest episode right over here

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