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Peaks Frozen Custard vs. Peaks Frozen Yogurt Bar

One similar name for two separate dessert shops confuses many people.

By Christopher Werner September 27, 2011

The logo for Peaks in Bellevue, not to be confused with Peaks Frozen Custard in Roosevelt. Photo courtesy

A couple weeks ago I reported on Bellevue’s newly opened Peaks Frozen Yogurt Bar. As I mention in that write-up, it’s the first location of the pay-per-ounce froyo shop. But as several readers note on the post and another related one, it’s not the first dessert bar in the area to adopt the name Peaks: there’s also Peaks Frozen Custard in Roosevelt.

The latter, about two-and-a-half years old, has secured a rather rabid pack of fans with its Wisconsin-style custard. And some of them are scratching their heads at the double-up in name. Consider commenter Pete: WOW. Bad idea to name this place Peaks. Peaks frozen Custard in Seattle is amazing and I can’t imagine that this won’t cause a ton of confusion… And commenter Jen: Curious. There already is a Peaks Frozen Custard shop in Roosevelt. Could [Peaks Frozen Yogurt Bar CEO and president Tim] Riley not be more original?

Actually, both Peaks parties were well aware of the sitch, they just didn’t anticipate such a confused reaction. "One of our financial partners knows the owner of the other Peaks (Custard) and they had discussed this before the name was decided," explains Riley via email. "Since custard and froyo and the concepts are so different, they agreed it wasn’t an issue."

Sound familiar?

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