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Dr. Sara Cassidy graduated from the UW School of Orthodontics with a vision to create a boutique orthodontic practice that would marry high-touch, top-notch care and a fun, light-hearted environment. Green Lake Orthodontics (or “GLO”, to our fans) was born.

We could fill the remainder of this page waxing poetic about the five simple rules that empower our team to make every patient a GLO-Fanatic. Or, we could introduce our one-of-a-kind rewards program that uses FitBit activity trackers to reward patients for healthy living. But the patient experience is what really matters. And there’s no one more qualified than our beloved Yelpers to sum it up:

Awesome, just simply AWESOME, customer and dental service…Truly, it’s insane how on top of things this place is.” – Lisa B.

“If you combine superb customer service, a sparkling new office with modern finishes, a perfect location only steps from the lake, a ridiculously nice staff, and state-of-the-art insanely cool technology, you can begin to understand the appeal of GLO.  When you're there, you don't want your appointment to end.” – Mike P.

“First off, the office is sensational! It's like firing up a Mac for the first time after being on a Dell your whole life." – Emily M.

“GLO was the first office we contacted and scheduled an appt. I knew immediately I did not need to interview any others. We are in good hands.” – Jennifer D.

Green Lake Orthodontics

7900 E Green Lake Drive N, Ste 214, Seattle, WA, 98103