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PORTH (Personalized Orthodontics) offers next-level orthodontic care, utilizing cutting edge 3D technology and customized appliances. We treat patients of all ages, from early screening and observation to adult aesthetic options. Dr. Rooz and the PORTH team firmly believe that the patient is the driver of the plan, so our treatment plans, time frames and appliances are fully customizable to you and your needs. We utilize the latest technology for orthodontic care and treatment planning, making treatment minimally invasive and highly efficient. The PORTH experience begins with a comprehensive digital consultation where you’ll learn about all appliance choices available for you. We offer flexible scheduling and payment options so that treatment is accessible to our patients. Dr. Rooz was trained at the UW Ortho Department, where he is currently on the faculty, bringing with him the latest research and evidence-based practice methods. All of this comprises the PORTH experience that turns our patients into raving fans.

PORTH | Personalized Orthodontics

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