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What kind of self-image would you like to portray to the world? How about a radiant smile that exude confidence, and displays youthfulness? At Pacific Modern Dentistry, we are here to help you change your life through world-class dentistry. Dr. Jae Seon Kim is a board certified prosthodontist, a specialist in restoring, and replacing missing teeth. This means that Dr. Kim is capable of delivering the most comprehensive dentistry, whether it be restoring a single tooth, or replacing the entire dentition with implants. Dr. Kim is especially focused on mastering the aesthetics of a smile, and strives to make each smile customized to the patient’s desires. Having worked with world-renowned ceramists, Dr. Kim continues to team up with master ceramists that will give you that special luster that will blend in, yet create the brilliance you’ve always wanted in your smile.

MORE ABOUT DR. KIM: Dr. Kim is a former academician, where he taught dental students, and residents in all specialties of dentistry, about comprehensive esthetic dentistry. In other words, Dr. Kim enjoys the collaboration between different specialists, and dentists, and understands the benefits of various treatment modalities. Dr. Kim can effectively communicate with other dental specialists, and create interdisciplinary treatment plans that will help other specialists, and ultimately benefit the patient. Even to this day, Dr. Kim is busy helping other fellow dentists with their clinical cases, and gives treatment planning advices.

The name Pacific Modern Dentistry reflects the philosophy of the practice, which is practicing Modern Dentistry(embracing the modern mindset) in a Pacific(peaceful, serene) environment. Come by Westlake, and experience Pacific Modern Dentistry! You’ll thoroughly enjoy our world-class dentistry, and our stunning view of Lake Union.

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