Fri, June 12-30
Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and Mya Taylor star in this adventure film about two best friends on a mission to uncover the truth about a rumor involving an unfaithful pimp and boyfriend. While Sin-Dee (Rodriguez) promises a drama-free confrontation of infidelity, the movie—shot on a couple of iPhones—follows the two sex workers across the streets of Los Angeles through a kicking-down-of-doors kind of drama. Who knows, you might even laugh. Northwest Film Forum is streaming the film through June 30 for $3.99. Admission fees benefit the Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network.

Sat, June 13-25
Thee Debauchery Ball
This film—also screening through Northwest Film Forum—is a deep dive into the Afrocentric house music scene centered in Chicago. It’s not just a celebration of music, though. The movie indulges other senses with an exploration of BDSM and other fetish-themed parties that follow strict privacy guidelines and promote body positivity. Tickets are $10 and support Black Lives Matter Seattle–King County.

Sat, June 13
Physical Distancing: Intimate Conversations
Every Saturday, the Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas hosts a virtual discussion with local artists. This time, curator Dani Tirrell invites dancer and poet Sadiqua Iman to discuss her performance art, which functions both as a mirror and a wrecking ball working to reveal and dismantle systems of oppression. Iman might even talk about the creation of Namii, her gender-queer burlesque drag king character. 3pm

Tue, June 14
Traditional Tattoo Theatre Tuesdays
Even if you’re squeamish about needles, this weekly virtual forum facilitated by Tlingit Tattoo and Design by Nahaan is about much more than just getting ink done. The Alaskan Native specializes in northern style Tlingit formline tattooing and brings together Indigenous artists and activists to showcase their work. But the work isn’t just in the traditional methods like hand poke, stick and poke, or even scarification (what it sounds like). It’s an open space for better understanding Native heritage and identity empowerment. 3pm

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