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Watch these video samples from movies filmed in our hometown and see if you can spot the locations.



Screen Player

Mark Vrieling, who launched ScreenPlay in 1990, streams video to thousands of stores. And he’s not done yet.

11/17/2009 By Manny Frishberg


Home Movies

The world knows we’re a movie-loving city, but Seattle has a criminally unheralded history as a movie making city, too. Here are our picks for the 11 films, in chronological order, that defined Seattle’s cinematic persona—and 10 more guilty pleasures th

11/13/2009 By Steve Wiecking


Dead in the Water?

As a new Amelia Earhart biopic flies onto the big screen, University of Washington alum and respected Earhart researcher, Ron Bright, continues to explore the rumors and mystery behind her death.

09/17/2009 By Jessica Voelker

Passing Through

Worried Man

Actor Paul Giamatti returned to Seattle for a screening of the movie Cold Souls at the Seattle International Film Festival. But don’t make a big deal about it.

06/22/2009 By Steve Wiecking


Little Boy Lost

Director Francis Ford Coppola introduces his latest film, Tetro, at the Seattle International Film Festival.

05/22/2009 Edited by Steve Wiecking


The Sundance Kid

Seattle director Lynn Shelton outgunned the doubters at Robert Redford’s film festival, Sundance. Now she’s bringing her third feature, Humpday, to her hometown as part of the Seattle International Film Festival.



The Not-So-Final Frontier

An interview with science-fiction writer Vonda N. McIntyre, whose 1986 novel Enterprise: The First Adventure, provided the backstory to the new movie Star Trek.



Go Ahead, Make His Day

Kirkland actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan brings out the big guns for Watchmen.

02/12/2009 By Matthew Halverson


Abominable Showmen

01/06/2009 By Harry Edwards


Imperfectly Normal

Actor and filmmaker Crispin Glover works naughty, talks nice.

01/04/2009 By Steve Wiecking


The Boys Back Home

Stop-Loss director Kimberly Peirce soldiers on with our returning men in uniform.

01/04/2009 By Steve Wiecking


Old Warrior, New Fight

Phil Donahue tells a soldier’s story in an Iraq war documentary.

12/28/2008 By Steve Wiecking


The Respectable Pervert

Trash auteur John Waters suits up for a talk.

12/20/2008 By Steve Wiecking


Site of the Living Dead

How a logging town turned vampire lit into tourism lifeblood.

12/08/2008 By Heather Larson


Back From the Dead

Washington’s battered film industry finds new energy, new talent, new funding, and some horrific inspiration from H. P. Lovecraft.

08/01/2007 By Lia Steakley Dicker