Small Press, Big Party

5 Essential Events at APRIL Festival 2015

The Seattle small press festival is back in a big way: a storytelling brawl, ghosts of avant-garde expats, and lots and lots of books

03/18/2015 By Darren Davis


QUIZ: Should You See Fifty Shades of Grey?

The big-screen adaptation of the Seattle-set novel that sold more than 100 million copies (and made BDSM a household acronym) hits theaters February 13. We’ll help you decide whether to be there opening night.

02/09/2015 By Matthew Halverson

Local Talent

A Fiendish Conversation with Hugo House's Tree Swenson

The executive director of the literary non-profit organization discusses the Carolyn Kizer tribute and up-and-coming local writers.

01/15/2015 By Seth Sommerfeld

Comedy Chats

Patton Oswalt Discusses His Movie Addiction and Twitter Break

The comedian visits Seattle and Tacoma with his new book 'Silver Screen Fiend' and fresh standup.

01/05/2015 By Seth Sommerfeld

Comedic Chatter

Bob Odenkirk Tours 'A Load of Hooey'

The self-deprecating veteran of comedy proves Seattle is better than Portland with a special date at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center.

10/24/2014 By Ariana Dawes

Local Talent

A Fiendish Conversation with Garth Stein

The author of 'The Art of Racing in the Rain' returns with 'A Sudden Light.'

09/17/2014 By Seth Sommerfeld

Ticket Alert

Nerd Out with Neil deGrasse Tyson at the Paramount

The acclaimed astrophysicist and Cosmos star stops in Seattle this September.

04/15/2014 By Seth Sommerfeld


Nicole Hardy’s ‘Confessions of a Latter-day Virgin’

An exclusive look inside the Seattle writer’s memoir—a tale of sex, love, and Mormonism—due out August 20.

08/01/2013 By Laura Dannen


Kindle Worlds Scares Off Fan Fiction Writers

Amazon’s fanfic publishing platform didn’t make the best first impression.

08/01/2013 By Matthew Halverson


David Shields and Three Northwesterners Who Saved His Life

The author namechecks locals in How Literature Saved My Life.

01/23/2013 By James Ross Gardner


Christopher Howard’s ‘Prince of the World: Stories’

Howard sets a tale of bored and battered Iraq war veterans in the Pacific Northwest.



Ellen Forney’s ‘Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me: A Graphic Memoir’

The Seattle cartoonist takes readers on a journey through her own unquiet mind.

10/08/2012 By Brian Colella


Sherman Alexie’s Blasphemy: New and Selected Stories

The Seattle author’s latest combines 15 previously published works with 15 new stories.

09/19/2012 By Brian Colella


Fifty Shades of Fan Fiction

Seattle University’s fan fiction expert explains the Fifty Shades of Grey craze.

09/19/2012 By Laura Dannen


Northwest Bookshelf: Trading Manny

Trading Manny: How a Father and Son Learned to Love Baseball Again follows author Jim Gullo as he grapples with the sport’s steroid scandals.

03/23/2012 By Brian Colella


Northwest Bookshelf: Blueprints of the Afterlife

Ryan Boudinot’s second novel, Blueprints of the Afterlife, plunges readers into a Seattle at least a century in the future, where construction is under way to transform Bainbridge Island into a full-scale replica of Manhattan.

03/07/2012 Edited by James Ross Gardner


Northwest Bookshelf: Science on Ice

In Science on Ice: Four Polar Expeditions, Seattle photojournalist and oceanographer Chris Linder offers us an over-the-shoulder glimpse as researchers seek answers in the planet’s most frigid terrains.



An Interview with Jennifer Egan, Pulitzer Prize–Winning Author of A Visit From the Goon Squad

Jennifer Egan, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of A Visit From the Goon Squad, visits Benaroya Hall this month as part of Seattle Arts and Lectures.

01/20/2012 By Laura Dannen


Fiction: Jim Lynch’s World’s Fair Tale, Truth Like the Sun

An exclusive excerpt from the forthcoming novel Truth Like the Sun.

01/20/2012 By Jim Lynch


Northwest Bookshelf: The Map of My Dead Pilots

In the memoir The Map of My Dead Pilots: The Dangerous Game of Flying in Alaska, Anacortes resident Colleen Mondor flies us to the 49th state, where she dispatched planes in the mid-’90s.