Brick head. It’s not, in fact, a pejorative, but rather what you call someone who is passionately into Legos. Like, so into Legos that they could build a network TV career out of the tiny plastic blocks.

Children and adult brick heads alike, rejoice: Presale tickets for Brick Fest Live, coming to Puyallup August 6–7, are available today. Parents who are happy about their child’s interest in a toy that will no doubt foster spatial reasoning and problem solving skills but are sick and tired of stepping on the damn things, despair. Your kid is going to want to be a Lego Certified Professional after this.

Brick Fest Live is like Comic Con for Legos. The creations on display, which include life-size and meticulously detailed models of characters such as Toy Story’s Woody, are notable not just for their size and detail but also their interactive nature. Previous years have featured a put-put course made entirely of Legos as well as a pit of the little bricks designed to test your mettle; think laying down on a bed of nails, but considerably less terrifying. A build wall and a gaming arena provide additional hands-on opportunities.

Presale secures 25% off the full $34.99 ticket price. VIP tickets, which can be purchased for $49.99, include access to an exclusive live build event.

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