Kraken Week

The Inaugural Seattle Kraken Season Is Almost Upon Us

And we're celebrating with a whole week of hockey-related stories, September 27 to October 1.

By Angela Cabotaje September 23, 2021

It's happening, people. After years of rampant speculation, dueling arena bids, and tussling over names, the Seattle Kraken drops the proverbial puck on its inaugural season October 12 (although the first home game isn't until October 23).

To celebrate, we've planned a slate of Kraken-related stories next week. Read what it's like to lace up those skates at the Kraken Community Iceplex, where you should eat before or after a game, and how the Kraken front office is planning to win over Seattle's hockey fans. Our coverage begins Monday, September 27. Until then, peruse our previous musings about all things hockey in Seattle.

About the Seattle Kraken name and what it should have been

Sockeyes devotees, we feel your pain. We made what we thought were several compelling cases for different monikers, but apparently the branding experts didn't agree. You be the judge.

10 Reasons Why Our New NHL Team Should Be Called the Seattle Roasters

Here’s What Seattle’s NHL Team Should Have Been Named

On the subject of names, what's up with Climate Pledge Arena?

The name is...not great. But the commitment to sustainability sure is. What could be more Seattle than that?

How Will Climate Pledge Arena Live Up to Its (Boring) Name?

NHL Seattle Will Offer Fans Free Public Transit Rides to Its New Arena

Do we think the Seattle Kraken will make the NHL playoffs this year?

Nope. All expansion teams can't expect instant success like the Las Vegas Golden Knights (although we sure can dream). So we'll give the Kraken a few seasons under their hockey pads before heaping massive expectations upon them, unlike those Mariners.

Who Makes the Playoffs First: the Mariners or a Seattle NBA or NHL Team?

About Seattle's deep love of hockey

Remember the Metropolitans? Sure, Seattle bleeds indigo every Blue Friday, but it's a city of puck fanatics, even before the NHL swept in.

Seattle Has Always Been a Hockey Town

Tentacles? Missing teeth? Jerseys? Expansion draft.

The summer event starred general manager Ron Francis squinting into the sun and announcing in typical stoic Canadian fashion the players he picked in the expansion draft. There was a yachtopus. We had thoughts.

The Kraken’s Expansion Draft Was Fittingly Weird

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