The future home of the Seattle something-or-others.

New hires keep hopping aboard the proverbial Zamboni for NHL Seattle, which announced on Wednesday that Cammi Granato, hockey Hall of Famer and Olympic gold medalist, will join the team and become the league’s first female professional scout. (Not to be confused with other women who have scouted amateur prospects for NHL teams.) She is one of five pro scouts entering the organization, reports The Seattle Times. And her move to the front office helps expand the existing group of women working across the NHL. Diversity certainly appears to be a part of Seattle's hiring initiative as its organization grows—perhaps bucking the white dude hockey fan stereotype in the process. 

The former U.S. captain compounds the championship pedigree Seattle established when the team enlisted two-time Stanley Cup winner Ron Francis as general manager in July. Granato, a standout forward, defeated the favored Canadian hockey overlords to secure the gold in the 1998 Winter Olympics, and medaled again in 2002. The scout will likely be on the lookout for players with similar fight as the roster forms through the NHL Expansion Draft and Entry Draft in two years.

The yet-to-be-named Seattle expansion team is set to hit the ice beginning in the 2021 season. And if a packed hockey bar, new rinks, and over 30,000 season-ticket deposits are any indication, the fans finally will get to prove that the home of the first American team to hoist the Stanley Cup is a hockey town after all.

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