You know you need to work on that swing.

My dad loves to golf. When I was little he'd take me to the golf course in town and let me get behind the wheel to shuttle him from hole to hole. I was, admittedly, the world's worst caddie. As I got older (and taller), we'd go to the driving range down the road from our house; it was right along a highway, and nestled between cattle-populated farmland and dense forest. I once hit a 250-yarder (I was a 100-pound string bean of a teenager—proof that it really is all about form!) which skidded through soft grass until it slowly rolled and booped a goose's butt. 

All this to say: People have strong feelings about and memories associated with golf—even the virtual kind. So it comes as little surprise, even to this currently non-golfing editor, that people seem excited about the arrival of Topgolf Lounge, which is slated to open later this year in Kirkland at 134 Parkplace Center.

Topgolf, a mash-up of upmarket sports bar and gaming hub, promises cutting-edge golf and interactive sports simulation—beginners and pros can practice their swings, play a round (no rainouts!), challenge virtual zombies in a game of dodgeball, get overly competitive. For sports of the real variety, there will be massive flat screens for game observing. What else? A big outdoor patio, four public hitting bays (aka virtual gaming zones), plus VIP areas for special events and, per the press release, celebrity guests.

For my dad, who's also a huge video game nerd, Topgolf would be a dreamland—but firmly IRL.

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