Her recent perfect-10 floor routine has pulled in a whopping 24 million views and counting. Her radiant smile is enough to make even the dreariest Seattleite forget they haven't seen the sun in weeks. She's (bold statement alert) changing the sport of gymnastics, as we know it. We're as smitten with the internet's latest darling (ahem, a Washington export), Katelyn Ohashi, as the millions of other internet-surfers floored by her mind-bending moves, so we found 10 things you probably didn't know about her:

  1. She was born in Seattle, Washington.
  2. She started gymnastics classes when she was a toddler (three years old, in fact) at Gymnastics East in Bellevue.
  3. She left the Pacific Northwest at the tender age of nine to train at the elite (and controversial) Great American Gymnastics Experience gym in Missouri—and then came back at 14 to compete in the Pacific Rim Championships in Everett, Washington…
  4. …Where her balance beam routine made headlines as being “harder than any other being performed in the world.”
  5. She missed the age cutoff for the 2012 Olympics by mere months...
  6. …But now she competes for the UCLA Bruins alongside Olympic gold medalist Kyla Ross. And while Ohashi didn’t get to compete at the 2012 Olympics, she bested Ross the year before at the 2011 U.S. Nationals.
  7. She’s known for high scores, but in 2016 she fell off a beam while competing—to be fair, it was only because its end fell offand attempting the most difficult dismount in the sport across the country.
  8. Muhammad Ali is the athlete she most admires.
  9. She has killer taste in music: Her floor routines have been set to Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, and Earth, Wind & Fire.
  10. She’s just 4 feet 10 inches tall, but her personality can fill a whole stadium. See for yourself:

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