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Name Game
In May, the telecommunications giant—which acquired Qwest and its stadium naming rights in 2011—reportedly paid over $150 million to maintain the sponsorship until 2033.

It’s been three years since Russ and company picked apart Denver for the Seahawks’ first Super Bowl title. Two since the pass that shan’t be named. And coming off a disappointing season last year, the Pete Carroll era is at a crucial inflection point. But win or lose, here’s the thing about CenturyLink Field: Every season opener feels like a homecoming game, royal wedding, and battleship christening combined. There’s something consistently magical about the Hawk’s Nest, the 12 Flag Raisers, the ridiculous machismo and pageantry. Home field remains our city’s place to ditch its obsessively understated persona, paint some faces, scream obscenities, and spill beer—even if the Seahawks go 0 and 16 (which, to be clear, would be the worst).

Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers
Sept 17, CenturyLink Field

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