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Cheap Week: January 2–8

SIFF offers an outlet for mourning David Bowie via a 'Labyrinth' Quote Along, Fantagraphics celebrates a new queer and quirky installment of 'Wuvable Oaf,' and Central Cinema presents pro- and anti-screenings of 'Titanic.'

By Jane Kidder Edited by Seth Sommerfeld January 2, 2017

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A year after his death, SIFF pays tribute to David Bowie with a Labyrinth Quote Along screening.

Mon & Tue, Jan 2 & 3
Titanic for Lovers and Haters
James Cameron's 1997 block-busting romantic tragedy Titanic earned millions of adoring fans whose hearts will never go on. On January 2, Central Cinema screens the acclaimed classic for anyone who wept uncontrollably when Rose uttered the ill-fated words, “I’ll never let go, Jack” or who recreate the “I’m King of the world” scene at every opportunity.

Then again, there are also people that hate Titanic. For those who may have cackled as the ship went down in the North Atlantic, Central Cinema offers a separate “hecklevision" screening of the movie on January 3. Celebrate the triumph of a chunk of ice over the supposedly eternal love of Jack and Rose by texting your Mystery Science Theater 3000-style jeers, which will be presented as captions on the big screen. Central Cinema, $8–$9

Sat, Jan 7
Ed Luce: 'Wuvable Oaf: Blood and Metal' Release Party
Fantagraphics starts 2017 right when they welcome indie cartoonist Ed Luce to unleash his latest short story collection, Wuvable Oaf: Blood and Metal with a release party and book signing. The queer and quirky self-published comic series follows a Bay Area bear (in the large, hirsute gentleman sense) in his continued quest for love. Following the Wuvable Oaf’s popular 2015 debut, Blood and Metal delivers a full-color sequel with tales of the Oaf’s childhood and his latest exploits in the metal and pro wrestling scenes. Pick up a copy or two and meet the man responsible for the wuvable series. Fantagraphics Books, Free 

Sat, Jan 7
The Future is 0
What began as a quirky DIY project—when Seattle writer and musician Claire Buss decided to create a live game show web series out of her living room (reportedly while viewing countless reruns of Hollywood Squares and Supermarket Sweep)—has since transformed into a full-blown, multi-camera endeavor. The result, The Future is 0, is a satirical game show in which artists go head to head in a series of mental and physical competitions. Join the live studio audience of The Future is 0 at Northwest Film Forum to witness experimental live competitions, nihilist performance art, and surprise local cameos. Northwest Film Forum, $13

Sat, Jan 7
Thanks to Greenwood’s Pocket Theater, Jet City Improv, and ComedySportz Seattle, January is officially Improv Month in Seattle. One of the first week's hilarity highlights should be the premiere of NASTY!, a female-improvisers-only group determined to tear down the patriarchy (or at least provide plenty of cutting laughs at its expense). This timely no-holds-barred performance will dive straight into feminist politics and disparage anyone who threatens women’s health rights. Proceeds from these badass funny ladies' show will be donated to the anti-sexual violence nonprofit RAINN in order to help women in need. Pocket Theater, $10–$14

Sun, Jan 8 
Labyrinth Quote Along
In what’s sure to be a David Bowie–heavy month of mourning, SIFF offers a unique treat: a quote-along screening of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, which showcases the pop icon’s beloved movie role as Jareth the Goblin King. While the 1986 fantasy film about a girl who must navigate an elaborate maze to free her brother from Jareth might be a bit campy, it’s a joy to see Bowie spend most of his time gleefully acting opposite various maniacal puppets. SIFF Cinema Uptown, $14

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