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For the second year, the NFL’s Thursday-night games feature squads wearing eye-popping, single-shade Color Rush uniforms. While last year’s jerseys actually made some games unwatchable for the color blind (see: the predominantly red Bills versus the all-green Jets), the goal now seems to be blinding all those who can see.

The Seahawks take their turn sporting new unis on December 15, when they battle the LA Rams. And the ghastly “action green” threads resemble the shade your skin might turn if you watched the Hawks’ Super Bowl loss on loop for three days while subsisting on lime cucumber Gatorade and highlighters.

In truth, these duds are just another chance for the NFL to wring dollars out of fans. And while the league would note that proceeds go directly to charity, that charity is the NFL Foundation, which promotes youth football—the thing that medical experts say shouldn’t exist for head trauma reasons. As if the sight of those jerseys wasn’t painful enough. 

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