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In the days just before the Super Bowl, we're likely to see the traditional politician wagers between the mayors of Seattle and Boston, the governors of Washington and Massachusetts, etc. etc. ad infinitum. But celebrities with Seattle ties are already busy engaging in Twitter smack talk with their Masshole counterparts.

The first wager to hit the interwebs involves chef Mario Batali. Granted, his Crocs generally roam the streets of New York these days, but let's never forget he's a Seattle guy. Batali's got a crustacean-based bet happening with Boston-based restaurateur Michael Schlow. If the Seahawks win, Schlow has to pony up a dozen Maine lobsters; should Tom Brady reign supreme, Schlow has a delivery of six Washington Dungeness in his future. The exchange leading up to this arrangement was pretty civil; Schlow even agreed that it takes 12 of his fancy lobsters to equal just six of our crabs.


For a crazy buff dude, Edmonds' own Chris Pratt is kinda sensitive–and not afraid to admit he was moved to actual tears over last year's winThis time around, Guardian of the Galaxy's Star Lord has a wager on with fellow Marvel superhero, Captain America, known in his off hours as actor Chris Evans, a Boston-area native and rabid Pats fan. Sadly the stakes do not involve either gentleman taking off his shirt. In fact, they're pretty heartwarming: The loser must don his superhero costume and a jersey of the winning team and make an appearance at a local children's hospital.  

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