Nelson Cruz watching a ball that he (probably) hit a long way.

According to reports, the Seattle Mariners have ponied up $57 million over the next 4 years to sign Nelson Cruz, the 2014 major league leader in home runs. The Mariners were desperate to find a right-handed power hitter, and Cruz certainly fits the bill. After being suspended for 50 games in 2013 for performance enhancing drug use (tied to the Biogenesis scandal), he put up monster power numbers this past season. While the length of the contract could easily hurt the team in the long run, there's no denying that the signing could make the 2015 Mariners a lot more fun. With the addition of Cruz, statistical models currently project the Mariners to be the best team in the American League (yes, I'm fully aware of just how crazy that sounds). So let's watch a few videos to get fired up about the Nelson Cruz era.

Where to start? Well, how about all 40 of Cruz's 2014 home runs?

The biggest homer of Cruz's career came in the 2011 American League Championship Series when he was a member of the Texas Rangers. His walk-off grand slam in the 11th inning helped the Ranger reach the World Series.

Bonus! Blurry Blair Witch-esque shakey cam footage of that dinger.

Now for the disclaimer: For the love of all that is good, please please don't let Cruz be anything but a designated hitter. The man is a disaster in the outfield and could severely hinder the Mariners chances if he plays in the field. Ask Rangers fans, who probably (correctly) still blame his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad defense on this play for costing the team a World Series title.

Go Mariners.

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