The Nirvana Baby Speaks

August 19, 2011 Published in the September 2011 issue of Seattle Met

My nickname is the Baby or Nirvana Baby; that’s because I’m the baby on the cover of the Nirvana album…. Everyone out there in the world has seen my penis already. Or my baby penis. My parents were going to art school with the photographer Kirk Weddle. So they kind of supported him. And then he got this portfolio together of underwater photography. And his first big job was this Nirvana baby shoot…. Well I was just born, so they went down to the local pool and threw me in the drink…. A couple months later they were driving down the road and they were like, “Hey look, there’s my baby on a billboard.”

Spencer Elden, the model on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind, which was released 20 years ago on September 24. Elden was interviewed by film editor Barry O’Donnell last year.

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