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Noise for the Needy Starts Tonight

An insider’s look at the acts you shouldn’t miss.

By Julia Scherzinger June 7, 2011

Ramona Falls’ frontman Brent Knopf. Ramona Falls plays June 12 at the Vera Project with Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, Land of Pines, and Kithkin.

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Tonight Noise for the Needy kicks off its six-day charity music fest with a show at Neumos. Seattle Met sat down with creative director Jeffrey Henry, who has been with Seattle Noise for the Needy since its beginnings in 2004, and he gave us a closer look at Real Change (this year’s beneficiary) and a few can’t-miss acts.

The Real Change Empowerment Project provides low-barrier employment to people whose needs aren’t being met by social services, teaching them to become vendors for the newspaper of the same name. Henry says the people who often benefit most are those who can’t receive social services because of drugs or other problems. “[Real Change] is a place where they can go and start over and really try to employ themselves and try to build their life back up again,” he says.

So what are Henry’s top acts at this year’s festival? “That’s kind of like saying which kid you like the best.” When pressed, however, he gave us these:

Golden Blonds, Mal de Mer, Soft Hills, Ivory in Ice World, and Surrealized on Thursday at the Comet Tavern. He’s particularly looking forward to seeing Ivory in Ice World because “she has great vocals.”

Loch Lomond, Big Sur, Goldfinch, the Horde and the Harem, and DJ Doo Right on Saturday at Columbia City Theater. “It’s such a beautiful space,” he says. “I love venues, I love spaces to set the atmosphere.”

Ramona Falls, Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, Land of Pines, and Kithkin on Sunday at the Vera Project. “I’ve been listening to some of Ramona Falls online and he writes really, really beautiful shiny pop songs,” Henry gushes. The Vera Project show is also the only all-ages show this year.

Another act to see, he says, is Noise for the Needy’s first ever comedy show on Sunday at Re-Bar. The headliner, Kyle Kinane, has a strong following—he’s toured with Patton Oswalt and his Comedy Central Presents special premiered in February. He is, according to Henry, “a comedian’s comedian. Whatever that means.” Kinane will be joined by local funnymen Travis Vogt, Bryan Cook, and David TV.

Noise for the Needy runs June 7–12. Visit to see the full list of acts and buy tickets.

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