“Pretty good for a girl” doesn’t apply to Danielle Lawrie. The University of Washington senior flamethrower—who will no doubt lead the reigning-champion Huskies deep into the NCAA post-season tournament this month—is easily the hardest-throwing pitcher in college softball. But with stats that make her male counterparts look weak by comparison, she might also be the most dominant pitcher in all of Seattle.

Consecutive innings pitched in May 2009
Nonconsecutive innings thrown by Mariners ace Felix Hernandez that month: 37⅓

Strikeouts thrown per nine innings last May

Strikeouts thrown per nine innings by the Huskies baseball pitching staff that month: 7.1

Male Seattle writers and broadcasters who faced off against Lawrie in a media exhibition last summer

Number who hit a ball into play: 1

Speed of Lawrie’s fastball, in miles per hour

Comparable speed for a baseball pitch, taking into account softball’s shorter distance between the mound and plate: 98

Complete-game shutouts thrown last season

Multipitcher shutouts thrown by the Huskies baseball team last season: 2

Strikeouts logged in the Huskies’ record-setting 15-inning NCAA tournament win, on May 17, 2009

Strikeouts logged by a total of eight Mariners pitchers in the club’s own 15-inning affair, on May 3, 2009: 12

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