WHEN THOSE OKLAHOMAN moguls in ill–fitting suits shuffled the Sonics out of KeyArena in the summer of 2008, Jason Reid did more than boo. He grabbed his camera, hopped on his bike, and started interviewing brokenhearted hoops fans, including writer Sherman Alexie, former Sonics announcer Kevin Calabro, and former U.S. Senator Slade Gorton. The result, the feature–length documentary Sonicsgate (viewable October 12 at sonicsgate.org), is a meticulous examination of the political malfeasance, conspiracy, and media cover–ups that led to the team’s relocation. Sure, the film would be more balanced had Reid scored camera time with the men he casts as villains–outgoing mayor Greg Nickels, former Sonics owner Howard Schultz, and current owner Clay Bennett. But Sonicsgate is redemptive, especially for scorned Sonics supporters like us, who identify with Lorin “Big Lo” Sandretzky, the perennial bleacher creature and Seattle’s self–described Biggest Sports Fan. Big Lo tells the camera, “Now that they’re gone, there’s a big emptiness. There’s a definite emptiness.” Reid’s film is the first step in filling that hole.

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