• A $3.4 MILLION SALARY,* a $60 million Nike deal, a Gatorade sponsorship, and his own EA Sports video game—Supersonic and 2007 NBA Draft second pick Kevin Durant has done well since moving to Seattle from the Washington, DC, suburb of Suitland, Maryland, last fall. Now that the team may be moving to Oklahoma City, we figured someone better hurry and school Durant on the Emerald City’s finer points. We caught up with the 19-year-old before a recent game.

Rumor has it you’re fond of crab. Yeah, I love crab. Do they have blue crabs here?

No, not on the West Coast. Sorry. Dungeness is king here. What else do you miss from back home? I mostly miss the people, like my little cousins in Maryland. They’re eight and 13. It’s different out here on the West Coast. It’s a little faster back home. I got a nice little car [a Maserati Executive GT] now for when I go back.

Any favorite Seattle restaurants? I mostly eat at home. If I go out, it’s usually Ruth’s Chris Steak House or Morton’s, something like that.

Do you have a favorite hangout yet? Bellevue Mall is about the only thing I do.

What about the Space Needle? Pike Place Market? The Bainbridge Island ferry? I went to the Space Needle once. That was cool. The Market? No, but I want to go down there. Ferries? I’ve never seen one. How long does it take to get from Mercer Island to Cambridge Island? It’s Bainbridge?

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