Talk about tight ends, amiright? And with that pun out of the way, let us proceed with some civilized discourse about the city’s new Lingerie Football League franchise—and why it might actually be good for the local sports landscape.

The Mist won’t kick off its inaugural four-game season here until September 11, but this month, as our 4-12 Seahawks watch the Super Bowl from home, it’s time to refocus. Like a full-contact Victoria’s Secret runway show, the 10-team LFL will pit squads like the San Diego Seduction and Dallas Desire against each other in seven-on-seven tackle contests that follow standard football rules—except for the one about wearing clothes.

For far too long, we’ve been mocked as humorless, PC stuffed shirts, and now, after the Worst Year in Seattle Sports, we’re being mocked as losers. But this is our randy chance at redemption.

The Mist, whose logo swaps the i in Mist for the phallic Space Needle, will play their two home games at the ShoWare Center in Kent. And by supporting them, we can show that being progressive doesn’t just mean that we think women deserve an equal place in society, but that they deserve to not be encumbered by clothing when they do it.

By the middle of December, the Mist had already sold 3,600 season tickets, making it one of the top three most well-received teams in the LFL, according to a league spokesperson. That local enthusiasm made wide receiver Shannon Sypher think twice about trying out for the team in October, because “you pretty much know that you’re going to play in front of men.” But after thinking it over a third time, she decided to strip down. Besides, she says, the uniforms cover more “than some of my bathing suits.” And who are we to argue with that logic?

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