The entry area of new Hugo House. The bar is made from floorboards from the old house. 

Over two years ago Hugo House—a semi-ruinous Victorian, home to Capitol Hill’s favorite writing center of the same name—was demolished. Now, finally, after hanging out on First Hill for a while, Hugo House returns to its new building (on the same land as the old one).

I toured the new space on Monday. While it was without all its finishing touches (not a book in the place yet), Hugo House lives again, all concrete floors and modern classrooms. It feels akin to a contemporary minimalist college building with some dashes of whimsy, wood reading nooks, a bar made from the old house's floorboards. And tomorrow, September 22, Hugo House throws a party to celebrate. Local writers Maria Semple, Anastacia-Renee, Quenton Baker, Suzanne Morrison will all be there, as will Hugo House writers in residence Kristen Millares Young and Amber Flame. 

If you want to get in action (or whatever you want to call a literary reading), from 5­­–5:45 there’ll be a Works in Progress open mic, during which you may read from your own work for three minutes.

The main event runs from 5pm–8pm (more info here), but you may be able to catch some of the local literati dancing during the afterparty from 8pm–10pm, where KEXP’s Gabriel Teodros will DJ.

Hugo House Grand Opening
Sept 22, Hugo House, Free

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