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Cristina Mittermeier comes to Benaroya Hall. 

Tues, Apr 10
Cristina Mittermeier: Standing at the Water's Edge
World-renowned photojournalist Cristina Mittermeier shares some of the incredible stories she's experienced in a career documenting the natural world and its relationship with humans. In this segment of National Geographic Live, she'll focus on the power water has to shape identity, culture, and ultimately, survival. The event features stunning images and illuminating insight on forces we sometimes struggle to understand. Benaroya Hall, $28–$48

Thu, Apr 12
I Miss the Old Kanye! Seattle's Kanye West Tribute
Even though nobody loves Kanye like Kanye does, he sure has amassed a following over the course of his singularly strange career. Like it or not, the guy has been hard to ignore, well, pretty much since he first showed up. Since it's just as fun to love Kanye as it is to loathe him, this is bound to be a good time no matter what. The night will include a mix of rap, hip-hop, and R&B from JONE$, ParisAlexa, MistaDC, and other guests. Oh, and probably dark twisted fantasies, 808s, heartbreak, and plastic sunglasses. Barboza, $10–$15

Fri, Apr 13
Bad Poetry Night 10
Bad Poetry Night indulges in the kind of stuff your high school English teacher would've sent you to the principal's office for. Unorthodox, often irreverent performances will range from "clever puns to the most titillating levels of blue humor performed with PowerPoint presentations." Columbia City Theater, $15–$20

Fri, Apr 13
Babeland presents Get Lucky on Friday the 13th!
Capitol Hill's friendly, knowledgeable sex shop invites people of all sexualities and genders for a workshop featuring foreplay tips and other ways to get the juices flowing, including complimentary champagne and a chance to win a Babeland gift. Come by yourself, as a couple, or in a group. You might just learn something. Babeland, Free

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