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Can I buy you a drink?

Whether or not you scored tickets to one of the most highly (obsessively) anticipated Broadway musicals that debuted at the Paramount Theatre this week, we have a few thematic ideas on how to toast to Hamilton's arrival. (Or: drinks in which to drown your ticketless sorrow.) Without further ado, a list of fictional tipples and the real watering holes in which we wish we could sip them.

Not Throwing Away My Shot...and a Beer
Drink this at: your nearest neighborhood dive. With a focus on the proletarian combo, the forthcoming Black Cat in Belltown is another good bet.

Two Pints o’ Sam Adams, But I’m Workin’ on Three
Just kidding. See yourself to your favorite local craft brewery, such as Cloudburst, Stoup, Perihelion, Holy Mountain, among many others.

The Room Where Gin Happens
Drink this at: JarrBar, where gin and tonics come Spanish style and pair nicely with a menu of tinned seafood, Sun Liquor Lounge—they make their own gin after all, and Bathtub Gin and Co. Or go straight to the source at local distilleries, like Captive Spirits, Copperworks, Oola, Heritage, 3 Howls.

Hurricane (yeah, this one's just a hurricane cocktail)
Drink this at: Joli, where barman Robert Rowland, who recently departed Oliver's Twist, is inspired by the “big, bold, rich flavors of New Orleans-style cocktails.” See also: the Carlile Room.

Raise a Glass to Freedom
Drink this at: Liberty on Capitol Hill, definitely.

Aaron Burrbon
Drink this at: Canon, home to a serious wealth of bourbons, Radiator Whiskey, Whisky Bar, the Barrel Thief.

Chocolate Tariff Martini
Drink this at: Dilettante Mocha Cafe and Chocolate Martini Bar. 

The Schuyler Spritzers (you have to order several at once)
Drink this at: Rachel's Ginger Beer where a German-inspired spritzer, the schorlé, lives, or Artusi for a spritzer of the Italian persuasion.

Hercules Mulled Wine Again
Drink this at: Mr. West.

For a few sips and nips that you can actually consume, the Carlile Room's new Hamilton-themed menu includes such libations as: My (Jell-O) Shot, Dueling Gentlemen's Sidearm, and a Hamilton Hurricane.

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