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Chef Gavin Stephenson of the Fairmount Olympic Hotel & Restaurant serves up pickled mussel on lemon shave ice cones at last year's Sunset Supper.

Image: Josh Lewis

Thu, Aug 17
Seattle Dessert Geek Milkshake at Li'l Woody's
Li’l Woody’s has always had creamy Full Tilt shakes, perfect for your 2am run to their Capitol Hill location after a night of bar hopping. For the month of August, however, the burger joint is taking dessert to another level with specialty treats inspired by Seattle food Instagrammers like Seattle Dessert Geek, Feed the Pudge, Grubbin Seattle, and Seattle Bites. Thursday will see the inauguration of a new milkshake which pays homage to the tin roof sundae, complete with salted vanilla fudge ripple ice cream, Spanish peanuts, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top. Just don’t dillydally, because the chocolatey-peanuty goodness will only last through the weekend.

Fri, Aug 18
Sunset Supper at Pike Place Market
Proving that Pike Place can be for locals as much as tourists, Sunset Supper will celebrate the landmark’s 110th anniversary with gourmet food, drinks, and dancing. The event will stretch along the market’s cobblestone street into the new MarketFront Plaza and Canopy, which boasts killer views of the sound and, of course, the sunset. Favorites like Pike Place Chowder, Matt’s in the Market, Fran’s Chocolate, and Rachel’s Ginger Beer will be serving up their wares, along with more than 80 other vendors. It’s the ultimate opportunity to gorge on food made by Seattle’s best, and then work it off dancing to blues singer Lady A.

Sat, Aug 19
Rick Bayless at Bar Ciudad
If you don’t already know, Rick Bayless is a renowned American chef known for serving up Mexican cuisine; he won Top Chef Masters, has a PBS show, and owns nine restaurants. And if you’re in the mood to get tipsy drinking micheladas while watching cooking demos by a famous chef, then you’re in luck, because Bayless will be in Seattle at Bar Ciudad to do just that. Bayless gets cooking at 4pm, music by the Cave Singers and DJ Christian starts at 6pm, and the micheladas will be flowing all night. Bayless and the michelada: Name a more iconic duo...I’ll wait.

Sat, Aug 19
Ballard Burrito Fest 2017
Will we ever get closer to food perfection than the burrito? Beans, rice, guac, gooey cheese, and meat all wrapped up in a warm tortilla—honestly it’s as close as we’ll ever get to communing with the divine. Hence the need for celebration: Ballard Burrito Fest brings a boatload of burritos to Ballard Commons Park on August 19. And okay, if you’re not totally convinced, there will also be food trucks serving non-burrito fare, like Chopstix and Kiss My Grits. Or if you want to spice up your burrito routine, you can head over to Langostino Sushi Burrito. Seattle BMX bikers will also perform at the “burrito bowl,” lawn games will be aplenty, and kids can slurp down free sodas at the Root Beer Garden. Don’t forget to bring your appetite!

Sat, Aug 19
Chomp Food and Sustainability Fair
If you’re on the lookout for kale instead of funnel cakes, Chomp is your kind of county fair. Taking over Marymoor Park in Redmond from 10am–6pm, Chomp will offer a farmers market, hot sauce competition, chicken pageant, and performances by Ozomatli, Caspar Babypants, and others. Squeeze into tiny homes, climb some trees, or check out cooking demos by Tom Douglas’s Hot Stove Society and Humm Kombucha.

Sun, Aug 20
Brunch with Musang at Bar del Corso
Inspired by her father Musang who immigrated to Seattle in the ’70s, chef Melissa Miranda will transform Bar del Corso from a pizzeria into a Filipino brunch haven every third Sunday of the month. Munch on classic dishes like pinakbet fried rice balls—boasting eggplant, okra, long beans, squash, and shrimp paste—or smoked trout kinilaw—a ceviche-like dish with coconut milk and pickles—and revel in the open bar between from 11am–3pm.

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