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Our deputy art director shot this roasted bone marrow from the Butcher's Table for our December 2016 review. Consider it a reminder of the many possibilities of beef.

I already knew our events team does not mess around, but wow: Seattle Met is throwing a festival dedicated to beef: burgers, steak, various underappreciated and delicious body parts, and all other cow-adjacent delights like cheese and ice cream. And by festival I mean “this sucker is three days long.”

This bacchanalia of beef is known as Cowabunga, and happens October 13–15 in South Lake Union. Events range from a Saturday night steak and martini soiree to a family-friendly Sunday brunch replete with bloody marys and a breakfast-in-bed photo booth. We’ll reveal the exact lineup of chefs soon, but between the various events, it’s shaping up to be as many as 50 great Seattle names. Spoiler: Jack Timmons of Jack's BBQ will do a demo on Saturday the 14th, and he's a pretty enthralling guy when it comes to red meat.

 You can buy tickets for individual events, or a mega all-access pass. Either way, here’s the link for tickets, schedules, locations, etc

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