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Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Micaela Ramazzotti in Paolo Virzí's film Like Crazy, playing at the Northwest Film Forum.

Image: Courtesy NWFF

Mon, July 17
The Drums
Art imitates life in the Drum’s latest album—one minute the jovial beat makes for a great dance party, and in the next it's all tears in a nostalgic pop-lullaby. The album centers on a personal exploration of both the prime and lingering aftermath of love. Released after a nearly three-year break from music, the Brooklyn-based group's Abysmal Thoughts features unexpected time signatures and lyrics that somehow simultaneously comfort and induce a sensation of slow heartbreak. The Drums brings its relatable, life-like tunes to Seattle during as part of a worldwide tour. Neumos, $18-20

 Tue, July 18
David Grann: 'Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI'
When the people of the Oklahoma's Osage Nation majorly profited from their oil-rich lands in the 1920s, their region became the wealthiest in the world per capita. Then the Osage started mysteriously dying. In David Grann’s new book, Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI, the best-selling author and staff writer for the New Yorker tells the true story of oil, racial injustice, and murder fueled by American greed. Grann comes to Seattle to talk about the secrets unveiled through his research, and fatal racism in America. Elliott Bay Book Company, Free

July 19-23
'Like Crazy'
A delusional self-proclaimed countess and a gloomy introvert form an unlikely friendship when they make a break from the psychiatric facility they call home. Paolo Virzì's Like Crazy follows protagonists Beatrice and Donatella in an offbeat journey in a big, scary world also happens to be set it in the saturated golden colors of the Italian countryside. Northwest Film Forum, $12

Fri, July 21
Rigo 23
From the late '80s to '90s, San Francisco-based artist Rigo 23 collected found “lost bird” flyers—a collection that is now a part of the SFMOMA. Found collections and street art reflects the essence of Rigo 23. The Portuguese political artist curates and creates work that defies boundaries of medium and highlights overlooked and marginalized experiences. Rigo 23 discusses his politically influenced art at the Frye’s Robert E. “Ned” Behnke Annual Lecture. Frye Art Museum, Free

Sat, July 22
Veronica—the new art gallery space in Beacon Hill—presents its new exhibit Syllogy. Poet and visual artist Manuel Arturo Abreu curates a group show that includes new work featuring their own art, the colorful abstract paintings of New York-based artist Winslow Laroche, assistant curator of net art site Rhizome Aria Dean, and interactive design artist Adriana Ramić. Veronica, Free

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