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The sauce will only be available on October 7, so if you want that Mulan McNugget sauce, you've got to be quick. 

Remember 1998, the year Google was founded and Celine Dion’s heart was still going on? Disney’s Mulan had just hit theaters and among the copious promotions for the animated film set in ancient China, audiences were graced with one tangy gift: the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce. It’s been nearly two decades since then and most fans thought it’d be gone forever—until now. 

For one day only, on October 7, Mickey D’s is releasing the sauce once more to tastebuds everywhere.    

But how, you might wonder? Enter Rick and MortyRick, the series’ curmudgeon-scientist, laments the loss of the sauce in the third season’s premiere, “The Rickshank Rickdemption,” saying he’d go for “nine more seasons until I get that dipping Szechuan sauce.” The show's audience asked—tens of thousands petitioned for its return—and now we shall receive. We've resurrected the Twinkie, after all. Our nostalgia for bygone commercial foods knows no bounds. 

And oh, the dip: It’s thick, it’s viscous, and while the ingredients suggest the sauce doesn’t actually contain Szechuan pepper, it has a soy-and-sesame tang you’d want to smother over stir fry or McNuggets any day. 

The sauce will only be available in eight locations across the Northwest—that’s Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, and, of course, Washington—and Seattle just so happens to be hosting one such restaurant itself. 

 Here’s how to get that Mulan McNugget sauce: Order McDonald’s new buttermilk chicken tenders—and don’t be late. The sauce offering starts at 2pm and goes until supplies last. The sole participating Seattle McDonald’s sits in the heart of University District on 25th Avenue, a haven for those who both live to obsess and make time to do so. Consider arriving early—there will be lines.   

So get out there, grab some McNuggets (as per Rick’s instructions), and try that Szechuan sauce—you might have to wait another 20 years to try it again.   

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