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Our critic dug the desserts at Liam's—like this deconstructed Beecher's Flagship cheesecake.

Image: Olivia Brent

A reader recently pointed out that Morton's has shuttered its location in the basement of the Decatur Building on Sixth Avenue; I went by today and there's a sign on the door. The steak house arrived in 1999, in a city flush with cash and enamored of high-end beef. Nearly two decades later, these two things have come full circle, though with less of an expense account culture and meaty newcomers like Bateau or Seven Beef or FlintCreek Cattle Co. that focus on under-appreciated cuts, or local sourcing.

Meanwhile, in University Village, Liam's quietly closed its doors on December 31; owner Kurt Dammeier (another guy furthering the current beef boom) penned a little note for the website saying goodbye. Liam's departure leaves a prominent restaurant space sitting empty at a shopping center that's been amping up its restaurant offerings of late. I doubt it will be empty long.

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