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So, for one, this exists! And for two, it's not an official collaboration. However, the new Dunk Low sure looks like it's inspired by that signature frothy dark cup of coffee, swirling with cream; white and green leather trim the shoe, reminiscent of a certain brand known very, very well to Seattleites and Americans alike. But the statement is that Nike did not collaborate with Starbucks on the shoe. Maybe that's for the best because the critics were not having it as of last week:

"There's probably a sizable crossover between people who drink Starbucks regularly and people who wear Nikes. But unless they also like ugly shoes, the Nike SB Dunk Low sneaker is going to be a bust." —AdWeek

"Nike is finding itself yet again become the subject of Twitter humor, with many users asking what restaurant Nike should seek inspiration from next." —

"For all the basics out there, Nike has combined two of your favorite things: cute sneakers and Starbucks." —Spoon University

"Sometimes worlds should never collide. Case in point: Nike's new (and kinda awkward) shoe inspired by Starbucks just dropped." —Mashable

On the pro side:

"That's hot!" —US Weekly

While they may deny the brand partnership, everybody will probably just refer to it as 'the Starbucks shoe' from here on out regardless. Also, can we just add that the chicken-and-waffles themed sneaks are actually awesome? If you find it appealing (and let's be honest, it's a pretty nice color combo), the SB Dunk Low is available at for $100.

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