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1) Open and Airy. Modern living requires multitasking. Rooms that allow for transition or which can be transformed while offering clear view elsewhere in the home makes good sense! And allowing for additional breathing room calms the busy mind.

2) Indoor-Outdoor Flow. With homeowners and builders taking every opportunity to max out views and spaces, luxe floor-to-ceiling pocket doors are hitting the market in a big way. Look out for glass and barn door versions of this trend.

3) Intimate Outdoor Spaces. New homes are being built with spaces for cozy hangouts for your closest friends. Fire pits and oversized plants compliment the atmosphere!

4) Stairways as a Focal Point. Stairs are often in highly visible spaces. Modern home designs demonstrate the ability of stairs to elevate your home with trending options like cable railing or glass railing systems. Check out Seattle-based Inline Design’s exclusive stainless steel systems to enhance your space.

5) Mismatching. Mismatched materials in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. There’s no place this doesn’t work. Combine platinum with gold, copper, or steel. Or mix woods and metals for another dimension of character and interest.

6) Industrial Accents. Combine sleek, minimalist furniture or lighting with the industrial elements of a building’s foundational components to achieve this trend. Warm up the space with vibrant fabric wall art to introduce a pop of color.

7) Tech-free Living. As technology creeps into virtually every aspect of life, homeowners are eliminating screens from their living and family rooms. This comeback of the traditional space embraces the quiet and special moments we spend with friends or curled up with a book.

8) Authenticity. Homeowners are searching far and wide for custom, vintage, and unique pieces that better suit their home and design goals. Mix colors, mix materials, mix patterns and eras to break out of the box.

9) Low-Impact Design. Sustainable materials and green features are integral to our future. Building and remodeling are the perfect opportunity to reduce your footprint with bold technology, artisan products, and streamlined living features. From floor to ceiling the options are endless.

10) The Rise of the Elemental. Nature is our best inspiration in 2016. The organic colors, shapes, and patterns of the natural world are a popular option in even the most high-end interiors. Think live edge dining tables, raw materials, and geometric shapes with visual depth.