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The septum piercing has reached a fever pitch; it’s absolutely everywhere and hitting every age range—your neighbor, your son, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, maybe even your accountant has one.

And yep, there’s a newer, cooler piercing waiting in the wings—the septum’s little sister, the smiley, is next to make the rounds, already saturating the internet with its shiny little self. Expert and piercer J.Colby Smith says, “I believe that people discover piercings when it's right for them. They are extremely contagious though, once you see someone wearing it right you can easily imagine applying it to your own life.”

The smiley (also called a “scrumper”) is an upper lip frenulum piercing, that little tissue that connects your upper lip to the gums. It's been around as long as lip, labret, tongue and mouth piercing, but lately you might be seeing it more and more on Instagram, in fashion editorials and when ordering your morning coffee. Smith continues, “The smiley is one of my current favorites to recommend to a wearer who is looking for something edgy yet still subtle and chic. It's a delicate gold ring that drapes across the two front teeth, giving just a hint of gold when smiling.”

The good news is that there are a ton of jewelry possibilities—everything from barbells (horseshoe, circular, curved), a slim chain and captive bead ring. The bad news? Risks include gum recession and rubbing on the teeth as well as the usual oral piercing infection warnings, and the possibility of pissing off your dentist at your next visit.

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