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What: Wondrous I.Q. Red Red Wine Columbia Valley 2013 $14

 Where: Hopvine Patch, European Vine Selections

 Why: Traditionally we like to end the year with a sparkling wine to help ring in the New Year. However, this week’s pick is such a compelling wine given the quality of the wine relative to the price of the bottle that we’re putting tradition aside.

 As I’ve written before, there is a relationship between wine quality and price. That is to say, typically you don’t see bottles of wine that are way underpriced relative to their quality, particularly here in Washington. Every now and then, however, such a bottle comes along, and then it’s time to pounce.

 Today’s wine, the Wondrous I.Q. Red Red Wine Columbia Valley 2013 ($14) is just such a wine. It’s a Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot dominant Bordeaux-style blend with fruit that comes from a group of vineyards rarely seen at this price level, including Seven Hills, Canoe Ridge, Wallula, Tapteil and Champoux. It offers aromas of herb, cherry and toasty spices that give way to a silky, focused palate. It’s by far the best value that I’ve seen in the Bordeaux-style blend category this year from Washington, drinking like a wine several times its price. It’s a perfect way to drink high quality wine at the beginning of the year while letting the coffers get replenished from the holidays.

 Happy New Year!

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