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Roasted Rye IPA
Reuben's Brews

The first beer Reuben’s brewed and a go-to on its impressively prolific 24 taps, the Roasted Rye IPA can usher in autumn adroitly—sunny citrusy hops collide with plenty of rich malt and hit of spicy rye. Big beers rarely come this balanced.
Get It: on tap at Reuben’s Brews, or bottled and canned in grocery stores

Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star Imperial Oatmeal Stout
Fremont Brewing

The beer is, like its name, a mouthful. But what a mouthful: 14 percent ABV, a nose like a mocha spiked with Woodford Reserve. Dark Star offers brooding proof that the style can be robust, heady, intense, and not even slightly cloying. (Fremont released a second take on barrel aged Dark Star, touched with coffee and cinnamon, on October 15.)
Get It: On tap or bottled at Fremont Brewing

Wetwired Fresh Hop IPA
Cloudburst Brewing and Holy Mountain Brewing

For a beer that’s sort of a big deal—two hyped and prestigious breweries collaborating on the region’s famed style—this mosaic fresh hop IPA is, well, subtle, restrained, nuanced. Flavors are typical of mosaic-hopped brews—resin, tangerine, grass—with nothing blown out of proportion. 
Get It: On tap at Cloudburst and Holy Mountain

Black Currant Stout
Floating Bridge Brewing

While not a sour in style, this fruit–forward stout has a bracing acidity, all coming from its currants. That first tart wave is followed by a familiar chocolaty stoutness. The pairing owes to tradition—who doesn’t like some fruit with their chocolate?—but the beer is delightfully askew.
 Get It: On tap at Floating Bridge Brewing

Sea Witch Milk Stout
Seapine Brewing Company

Seapine’s milk stout remains on the taplist year round, but surely now is the time to drink. Milk stouts are great for colder weather—more mellower than many cold-weather styles, they also tend to drink well at room temp. Seapine’s take on the style is lush and direct, hewing close to the coffee-chocolate ideal—get a growler and sip fireside.
 Get It: On tap at Seapine Brewing

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